Saturday, October 23, 2010

Juan Williams

The hysterics over Juan Williams firing can only be described as an example of why he should have been fired.  Here was a respected newsman going on National TV and promoting religious intolerance.  It is fine that Fox does this everyday, since you could hardly call them news, to great effect but I don't think that makes it ok for "news" people from every network to promote this ridiculous view.  This country was founded on religious tolerance.  It isn't the Muslims who attacked us on 9/11 it was Saudis (17 of the 19) who happened to be Muslims who happened to be radical (aren't all Saudi Muslims?), who happened to be criminals.  I would be more accepting of Juan Williams if he had said that he gets nervous when he see someone travelling with a Saudi passport.  Does he get nervous when a Christian rents a Ryder truck?  Probably not because he is an American, but yet there are many Christians talking about second amendment solutions.  The last thing that is needed in this country is hysteria over religion.

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