Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bullying and Suicide

A story that just broke about a high school in Ohio that is being sued by 2 families for wrongful death and failure to protect their children.  I say that it is about time!  This school has had 4 students commit suicide in the last few years, seems like a high number.  One of the families (who isn't suing) had all 3 children either OD or commit suicide (granted 2 of them were out of school).  This school clearly has a problem with bullying and has failed to do anything about it.  Yes, it gets better, but at what cost.  Here you have 6 kids who were so badly scarred by their high school experience that they took their lives and those left behind found it funny enough to show up at one girls funeral and continue to make fun of her after she was dead.  What kind of people are these?  People who are taunted (bullied, picked on) through school are in some respect scarred for life.  Some manage to become productive citizens, others turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope, and still others never recover and take their own lives.  It is so tragic.  I realize that it is hard to do anything about the problem.  If the administration acts the child is likely the target of more insults.  It is up to the parents to get their child out of a bad situation, either through moving, school choice, private school, or online school.  Sure this doesn't teach coping skills but then again as they say it gets better once you are out of high school so you really don't need those skills.  The unfortunate thing is that it costs the parents, but in the end it is worth it.

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