Monday, October 18, 2010

Is Rebecca Keefisch Stupid?

Ms. Keefisch has a new ad out discussing her cancer treatment and how we have the best health care system in the world.  She then goes on to suggest that Obamacare is government run health care.  Now wait one minute.  Rebecca is covered under her husband's policy.  Her husband happens to "work" for the State of Wisconsin as a legislator.  He is covered under the State plan, which is private insurance that meets or exceeds the State mandated coverage.  What does that mean?  It means that at the very least it is government regulated, meaning that if the mandated coverage said excludes colon cancer, she would get to find out how much that little operation cost.  Also, because it is a group policy she can't be dropped now that she is a high cost high risk patient.  No it isn't government run but it is a lot closer to being government run than anything this President has signed. 

Okay maybe she just didn't understand how the policy that she has works, but surely she understands what the policies she and Governor (not yet) Walker advocate.  Scott Walker has said that the State employees should contribute at least 20% to their health insurance costs (which in my opinion is still a bargain) so her costs go from $89 per month to about $260 per month.  I'll let you do the math for what the taxpayer kicks in and compare to what you at home pay.  They also want to repeal the health reforms and limit Badger care.  So, you little people out there get a job with health insurance because Rebecca and Scott have theirs and they don't want to share.  Hopefully after they all of that done they will pass a law stating that it is okay for hospitals to deny treatment to the indigent.  No death panels in Wisconsin, just denial of care.  Remember uninsured Wisconsinites when you get sick please die quickly.

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