Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How does Insurance Work

There seems to be a lot of confusion about how insurance works.  There is Sharon Angle saying that she doesn't want any of her money going to "autism" or reproductive care because in her mind autism is fake and she isn't going to have any more children.  She and others like her (the group running ads against Russ Feingold) believe that under Obamacare they are required to help pay for these things.  But yet they are for the bastion of the individual, group health plans offered through employers.  This sounds good except that it isn't true.  The reason premiums are lower for group plans is because they use some of the money to cover the big users of the policy.  That way your friend in accounting with the pre-existing condition gets covered or the person with cancer is not dropped.  What the tea party wants is individual policies and they are convincing a large percentage of the population (those not covered by individual policies) that this is the way to go.  Maybe it is.  When the non-healthy that are being carried by their employer have to go on the open market I think that they will be surprised to learn how difficult getting insurance is, but that's ok because the doctors will forgo their big paychecks and provide charity care.

I do know one thing that if health reform is repealed  I will be opposed to any effort to bring it back.  The American people will have spoken and knowing that this is a big problem and will continue to come back (it has for about every 10 years since 1890) I will remind them that they are opposed to any kind of socialized medicine.  I stood by President Bush on the re-importation of drugs ban because we don't believe in socialized medicine so we shouldn't be allowed to benefit from other countries socialized system.

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