Saturday, October 2, 2010

The cast of Wicked

In response to the Rutgers University student's suicide the cast of Wicked (currently touring in Madison) recorded a video talking about being an outcast and that things get better.  Being gay is undoubtedly worse than being declared a geek or an arts freak but my guess is that is similar.  There is this romanticized view that a person's high school years are the best and that college was better.  For many this is not true.  Most of the social outcasts do better in college because there are more people like them but as is the case at Rutgers there are still people who haven't grown up.  It is sad that this led to the taking of a life and that the people who drove him to take his life are going to get away with it.  It is my hope that this video provides inspiration to persevere for those outcasts. 

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