Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama's grades

Now that we have put to rest the birth certificate, Donald Trump is after the President's education record. Excuse me? Pat Buchanan says that he is an affirmative action kid. That may be true. The President's race may have played a role in getting into college, as it did for Clarence Thomas. Once you are in college there is no help for you and the President graduated from Harvard Law magna cum lauda. Does Donald think that Harvard gave those grades away because they were also in on the conspiracy that was at that time around 21 years in the making. May be Donald should be more concerned about releasing his life's records.

PS: What about the affirmative action for George Bush at Yale?

Town Hall Meetings

I just heard Nicole Sandler (noted liberal talk show host) discussing her arrest at Alex West's town hall meeting. The prevailing comments as well as main stream media articles (NBC ch 6) paint Nicole in the wrong. Why was it ok for the opponents of health care to disrupt the town hall meetings of Democrats but when people are being civil but ask questions about the Republican budget they are asked to leave and possibly be arrested. Where is the liberal media on this? Where are the Democrats making the same kinds of statements that the Republicans were making 2 years ago? The Republicans had to know that people would be upset about the budget. What is disappointing is that the Republicans are running away from trying to defend this budget and the MSM is not holding them to account.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Unbelievable Again

I'm reading the news today and could not believe this item: former Wisconsin Republican Legislator Sheryl Albers is suing the State of Wisconsin for age discrimination. Let me get this straight a member of the political party that advocates the removal of most worker protections (unions had something to do with age discrimination laws) is suing under those same protections. The State's position is that she wasn't hired because the position is supposed to be non-partisan. Gee, do you think that maybe a former Republican in this role would not be thought of as being partisan (kind of like how David Prosser is non-partisan). She also complains that the individual hired has little experience and no college degree. Granted this suit refers to an incident in 2009, but since 2011 many high level positions in government have been filled by people meeting one of both of these charges and it is the Democrats complaining. Talk about a frivolous lawsuit!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Banff Mountain World Tour

Just returned from 2 days of the world tour in Madison. Great as always. If you are not doing adventurous things it is always great to watch people who are.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tax Protest

April 16th marked the third straight year that the Tea Party has had a tax day protest in Madison. This is fine except where have these people been? I used to attend the Libertarian protest at midnight at the Milwaukee St. Post Office with all of about 20 people when I lived closer to the post office. Where were they when George Bush (both of them), Bill Clinton, or even Ronald Reagan were President? What, you woke up in 2008 realizing that you paid taxes? The tax rate has in fact gone down, explains why the deficit is big. A lot of why the deficit is so big is related to the last President Bush's spending. The wars used to be off budget, they are now on budget. The TARP funds, the bank bailouts. Obama gets credit for bailing out GM (should have made it contingent on getting a new management team) and the stimulus package which has allowed construction projects to move forward.

I Should be a Tea Party Member?

I was told over the weekend that I should be a member of the Tea Party because I'm in that group that always pays. I'm not retired, on Medicare, unemployed, or disabled unlike so many in the Tea Party. I said that I would join if they weren't so stupid. The above list of people don't realize that those are government programs paid for by people like me. My children also went to private school for most of their school years but unlike the super wealthy I didn't whine about the need to get public money. I took another job instead.

Special report in the Wisconsin State Journal

Once again the State Journal is showing how the editorial page and the news page are separate. Much like they did with their series on rural health care (which made a really strong case for National Health Care) they are doing with a series on public employees. In Sunday's article they ran a graphic that showed exactly what the unions have said all along. First that there are more employees with college degrees and advanced degrees than in the private sector. Furthermore, these pubic employees with degrees earn less than their private sector equivalents. The only group of public employees earning more are the employees without college degrees. Maybe the news writers can write about how much economic impact an effective 8% pay cut for 300,000 people is going to have on the State.

Financial Managers here they come....

In reporting by Forbes (Ed Garvey has blogged as well) Scott Walker is drafting legislation patterned after Michigan that would allow the Governor to appoint someone to oversee the running of a city, village, or town that fails a financial stress test. This will actually work better in Wisconsin than Michigan because the budget cuts State aid to schools and municipalities and further prohibits them from raising taxes to off set the loss. So, most should become financially unstable pretty quickly. Talk about a big Government, anti-democratic measure. The plus side to this system is that we will only have to deal with one government body.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Own Paul Ryan

It is good to see one of our own garnering all of the media attention. The problem is that his plan for the future would be disastrous for the country. Okay, it cuts $4 trillion in spending, it reduces revenue collections (tax cuts) by almost an equal amount. He leaves defense alone at $724 billion. This is more money than any other country spends and it certainly more than the guys that we are fighting spend. What it does cut is everything else including the taxes of the wealthiest Americans. The thinking has got to be that we have had these tax cuts for 10 years and they have not created jobs in fact the opposite happened with the recession in 2008, the bank collapse, and the housing market collapse so we need to give them even more of a break. Wait hasn't the amount of money available to the top 2% of Americans increased exponentially but yet they won't hire people. Interesting, a thinking person would say that the tax cuts didn't work, but not Paul Ryan he says we need more. We also need less help for people who have not shared in the concentration of wealth. It is really too bad that Milton Friedman didn't live to see his policies enacted in the US. You would have thought that we would have learned something from South America.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Looks Like Theft

Breaking news that the County Clerk of Waukesha (a Republican) realized that she didn't submit 14,000 plus ballots from Brookfield. Really, no one noticed that when Waukesha reported 100% counted that Brookfield had zeros? Those ballots show Prosser beating kloppenberg almost 3 to one. There is enough weird about this situation that it looks like a stolen election.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DNR hire unqualified?

Okay, I believe that in order to work for the DNR in charge of regulation you should have a college degree. In response to my ramblings about Brian Deschane's lack of a degree I was told that a college degree was not the end all be all but being qualified was and Brian is just not qualified. If that is the standard that statement is just not true. What the Governor and the Secretary (also without degrees) want from that position is someone who will change the regulatory nature of the department. In that case he is perfect for the job. In the last 2 years he has worked for the Wisconsin Builders Association, working to change the burdensome rules and regulations covering construction in the State. These are regulations such as set backs, runoff protection, and filling in of wetlands and shorelines. This is the small government conservatism, why should government tell a private individual what they can do with their property? So what if it affects others, Wisconsin is open for business and someone without a college degree is qualified to undue burdensome regulation.