Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Environmental Stewards

Rick Santorum claims that God called on us to have dominion over the Earth and to be good stewards of land. He uses this statement to bash environmental activists, suggesting that we are good stewards of the land because God commanded it. He misses the point that the environmentalists are making, that we have not always been good stewards and maybe God is not pleased. For example, is fracking in the Senator's home state where the groundwater has been contaminated with natural gas and other chemicals an example of being a good steward? Or, taking down mountains for mining destroying God's magnificent beauty? Or, in Wisconsin allowing a mine that will cause pollution of lake Superior in an area that people travel to for its beauty? No, I think that there are many examples of poor stewardship.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Debate Question that Should be Asked

I wish that Mitt Romney would be asked this question:

Governor Romney you are advocating an austerity plan to stimulate the US economy can you state how such a plan would differ from the austerity plans that Greece, Portugal, Spain, and England have been operating under for the last 2 years and have caused their economies to collapse.