Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Showdown at the Health Care Forum

President Obama hopes to jump start the debate, Republicans are only showing up because their constituents are upset about 20+% premium increases, and the Democrats are spineless. Does anyone think that the forum will accomplish anything? I hate to say it I'm with the Republicans on this one. The people have spoken and they don't want reform. Unfortunately they are a fickle bunch. They want to take advantage of other countries' socialized system by reimporting drugs. They are all upset about premium increases when those people who were for reform said that this was going to happen. They are upset that their employers are dropping coverage. But yet they don't want reform. For all of you worried about the big bad government taking over health care, I've got news for you none of the plans control costs. All of them leave in the employer based health delivery system for what it is worth. The bottom line is that until things get worse you can't get the people to agree to any reform.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


It is the one year anniversary of the stimulus bill and the Republicans have said that it was a total failure even as they continue to show up at ribbon cutting events of stimulus projects. Ok lets for a moment assume that they are correct. What is their solution to the economic crisis? Probably tax cuts. We tried that the last 8 years and it was probably a contributing factor to the problems that we currently have.

Dick Cheney and safety

So, the FORMER Vice President is at it again. Once again making the rounds of the Sunday shows charging that the Obama team has made us less safe even as the President authorized the greatest offensive in Afghanistan since the war began.I think that the former Vice President should take the time to watch something other than Fox news. This President maybe making us less safe through collateral damage and the killing of civilians, but to say that he is a pacifist is ridiculous. He has yet to undue any Bush foreign policy. There are more troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Guantanamo Bay is still open and harsh interogations are still happening. If you would ask me President Obama has finally brought the fight to our enemies. Dick Cheney is just jealous because he is not in there directing the wars.

Dane County race for Sheriff

While not a big fan of big police departments I have thought that Sheriff Mahoney has been doing a good job. He finally has an election challenge in the form of a former lieutenant in the department. His reason for running is because Sheriff Mahoney did not stand up for the officers during budget negotiations. Let me get this straight you the Republican are upset that the Democrat failed to stand up for his UNIOIZED workforce when they were demanding that more taxpayer dollars be spent on the department. I guess like spending on defense it is ok to tax and spend for police if you're a Republican.