Thursday, September 15, 2011

It Can't Happen Here

If you read the first chapter of Sinclair Lewis' book you'll quickly realize that it has already happened here in the Republican party. They are poised to nominate Gov. Perry for theocrat in chief. Forget Ayn Rand (noted atheist) the right is all about melding religion and business into government.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wisconsin State Assembly

I just heard this today that at yesterday's assembly session (the only one of the month) there was a group of people filming the goings on. That was too much for Rep. Fitzgerald who had the palace guard (Wisconsin State Patrol not the Capitol Police) remove and arrest those people. He cited assembly rule 26 (which I've been told isn't published) as superseding a State law from 1990 not to mention the US Constitution as upheld by the State of Ohio Supreme Court which allow private citizens to record what is said in public meetings. My understanding was the individuals who were doing the taping did not trust that the assembly would be run according their rules or that what happens would not be reported. Judging by the lack of media coverage it would appear that their fears were realized. This move by Rep. Fitzgerald and the rest of the GOP members is appalling. You would expect this behavior from an authoratative government but not from a democracy. And, where were the Democrats? Only 2 of them had the nerve to challenge the action. They should have walked out, this is no way to run a government. Much like the Senate walk out in the end such a move would not have mattered. The Democrats are a non existent party. They cannot introduce legislation and none of their amendments even make it to the floor for a vote. Remember the days of all we ask for is an up or down vote (Republicans). At least there was discussion back then. The Rep. from Black River Falls suggested changing the rule to allow taping as allowed under State law and it was suggested that could be taken up at a later date. Minority leader Barca agreed effectively ending any discussion. Does anyone really believe that this will be taken up at a later date? If you do I have a toxic waste dump to sell you. The Assembly and the State Patrol join the State Supreme Court as disgraced institutions. I'm afraid that they all have shown themselves to be tools of the Republican party leadership and big business. This is a total authoritative move which is going to have consequences in the State. Oh and maybe this is why the worthless State Patrol was exempt from the changes in the state employee contracts, after all you need to have a palace guard.

Friday, September 9, 2011

War on Science

There has been a lot of talk of a war on science recently. Except this war was begun in 1980 with the election of Ronald Reagan. Reagan campaigned on and coined the phrase junk science. Reagan was against global warming, didn't believe in peak oil, and was against spending government money on scientific research unless it was for the military. So, I can't see how it is a surprise that the current Republican (at least the ones getting press) candidates are running against science and doing it effectively. They are so good that scientists are just one step above teachers as the most hated profession.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The President Caves in Again

The President caves again this time is spectacular fashion. The plan was to address a joint session of congress next Wednesday and the White House already had an agreement from the Speaker. When it was announced that the President would address a joint session, Rush Limbaugh objected because it would interfere with the Republican debate that was being carried on one cable network. This prompted Speaker Boehner to send a letter to the President citing a full schedule and vague security concerns. So, the President rescheduled to the opening night of the NFL (no conflict there) and in so doing he has shown the country that the Republicans are really in charge and he is becoming increasingly irrelevant. The Speaker has become the only speaker to ever deny a Presidential request to address Congress. You can spin this as a compromise but that is simply not true. The President really needs to come out and deliver a speech like FDR or Ike or Teddy Roosevelt to become relevant again.