Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Anti-healthcare argument

The new argument against healthcare is that we don't pay for stuff (birth control) that we don't agree with.  My question is that if this is repealed can those of us that disagree with the current wars quit paying for them and ask for a refund?  Conservatives are all about rights and freedoms as long as it is for things that they believe in but when someone disagrees with them they are demonized and expected to go along with with the government.  That is just wrong thinking you are either for civil society or you are against it.  The Republicans campaign as if they are against civil society but spend like crazy when they govern.  It is just that their spending priorities tend to move the country towards a police state, which is never very free.

The Bush Taxcuts

Remember when President Bush proposed his tax cut scheme?  The country was mired in the Bush recession and the Bush war.  The theory was that if we give everyone a tax cut with the majority going to the wealthy, the wealthy would hire and the rest of us would spend.  The biggest problem was that the rest of us didn't notice our tax cut, so it was too small for us to spend more and without increased sales the wealthy couldn't justify growing their business.  If the theory had been correct after 12 years this economy should be booming, it isn't and the Republican solution is to make the tax cuts permanent and give more o the top wage earners.  President Obama should just let the whole mess expire, at least then there will be increased revenue for the government.  I for one will not miss the couple of percent that I get, I'm more worried about pay and benefits that have effectively reduced my salary 11%.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's About Time

I just read that the Mayor of Chicago is punishing the Chicago Cubs for a position that their ownership has taken.  I say that it is about time.  In the wake of Citizen's United where unlimited political spending is allowed, although the contributors are shielded most of the time because of worries that if known they will be in some way punished, it seems reasonable that the Government should hold them to their statements.  Here you have people who are so against the Government that they are spending $10 million dollars to help defeat the President and his "socialist" agenda, while asking the Government to fund your expansion of one of your businesses.  They see a problem with the Mayor taking a stand, I say that the Mayor is holding them to their belief of less Government and less "socialism".  Asking for a handout from the Government to fund your business is Socialism and it is about time that these business leaders realize that.