Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Syria Here We Come...

As the war mongers would say it is about time we get into Syria.  Yes, they successfully got the President to agree to a war if the Syrian government uses weapons of mass destruction.  Apparently they have and we are considering options from a missile strike to aircraft bombardment.  No ground forces yet.

My question is can anyone tell me what side we are on and will we be greeted as liberators like in Iraq and Afghanistan?  One thing is really clear, none of the sides like us.  It is also clear to me that given the track record of using drones and guided missiles that we sometimes miss the intended target.  What happens if one of those missiles get hit by anti-aircraft fire and hits an apartment building, school, hospital,...?  Once again I have to congratulate George W. Bush because it was his idea to remake the Middle East utilizing the domino theory.  Look what we have now a bunch of newly democratic countries that have elected Islamists who have been just as oppressive as the governments that they replaced and they still don't like us.  So we are going to get involved in another war in an effort to bring US style democracy to Middle East.  Who knows it might work this time.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Citizen Ted

Why is the media totally ignore the Ted Cruz citizenship issue.  Is it that they are scared of being portrayed as partisan because they didn't go after Obama as hard.  Once again lets review Obama was born in America, I know it is hard to believe but Hawaii is in the United States.  Cruz was born in Canada.  Certainly not native born but what about natural.  Don't know but maybe the Roberts court can carve out a ruling for Senator Cruz so that they don't allow Democrats or anchor babies the same opportunity.  But again the real issues are did Ted Cruz vote in an election and is someone with dual citizenship allowed to serve in the Senate.  The first one is a felony, which eliminates ones ability to serve as President. 

For you impeachment as long as they are Democrats fans there is an opening here.  Obama could have had dual citizenship until he was 23 and he probably voted in elections which is of course illegal.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Liz Cheney Caught

Liz cheney in an effort to shore up her Republican brand went and got a fishing license in Wyoming the other day despite a lack of evidence that she is a fisherwoman.  Of course with her being a Cheney complications and lawbreaking ensued.  It turns out to get an in state license in Wyoming you have to have lived in the state longer than a few days.  This snafu cost her $250 and a lot of embarrassment.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Can Ted Cruz Serve as President

We all know that Senator Cruz is running for President.  We have now learned that he was born in Canada (not the United States) to an American mother and a Cuban father.  Not all that different from the current President except for one tiny difference, Barack Obama was born in Hawaii (the United States).  Clearly the Tea Party Senator is not a natural born citizen.  However this is not the most serious issue facing the Senator.  You see Canada like the US only requires that you be born in the country for citizenship, so he was sort of an anchor baby in Canada.  Now it starts to get complicated.  By virtue of an American mother he gained US citizenship, again the US is a little rare in this regard.  President Obama did not have dual citizenship after he turned 23 because he failed to renounce US citizenship in favor of Kenyan.  Canada on the other hand doesn't drop you unless you file a form with the government so Senator Cruz is still a Canadian citizen.  Now this brings up several interesting points.  First can someone of dual citizenship serve in the US Senate?  No one is really saying if this is ok, I believe that it create such a big conflict of interest (looking out for another country) that it shouldn't be allowed.  My guess is that the founders would have felt the same way because they didn't allow foreign nationals to vote.   Second, has he ever voted in a US election?  It is a felony to be a citizen of another country and vote in a US election, which then would disqualify the Senator from serving as President.  As a Republican who sees voter fraud around every corner I find it ironic that he would have voted in a US election which would have been fraudulent.  If he had any morals at all he would resign from the Senate immediately and submit to prosecution for voter fraud but being a Republican we know that won't happen.