Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tax day or Teabag party day

Ah, tomorrow is tax day. I remember when it was only a handful of Libertarians showing up at the main post office in Madison. Now we are going to have thousands at the capitol. Wow what a change. I'm with the tea party on bailouts. Unfortunately at the time I was for it, because we had all of these people saying that if we didn't rescue the banks the economy would collapse. I don't think that it could have turned out worse if we let them go under. I'm with the tea party on taxes, but what I want to know is why they haven't seized on expenditures and regulations that don't make sense. Why aren't they protesting grazing cattle on federal land. Sure the ranchers pay but it doesn't compare to say what a Wisconsin farmer pays. They own the land and pay taxes (admittedly at a lower rate) on their property. What about the subsidized water in California, Arizona, Nevada,... Do you realize that these desert states pay less for water than we do? The source of this cheap water is Federal projects paid for by the rest of the country. Isn't this odd given most of the West's anti government stance? What about Alaska? We allow big energy to lease land, at no where near fair market prices. Big energy is heavily taxed by the State of Alaska (I know hard to believe given Governor Palin) and some of that money is rebated to the citizens of Alaska. I have news for you this is really our money (those of us in the lower 48). Talk about a re-distribution of wealth money from the lower 48 to the upper 1. Finally, what about the Eau Claire rule for dairy farming? This is the dumbest regulation ever created. First of all dairy should trade like other goods. Second farmers in theis region should not be put at a disadvantage to someone who is raising dairy cows in a desert with water paid for by the US taxpayer.

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