Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Socialism! egad!!

I was reading the Wisconsin State Journal's opinion section from the weekend and was astonished to see the piece on solving the rural doctor shortage. The answer is to throw money at the problem to help offset their education loans (sounds like Socialism). Now admittedly their loans are a big number $150,000 on average, but so are other under represented professions. Except when you consider that they can already get $120,000 from the Federal Government and another $30,000 from the State plus a job that pays on average $150,000 per year. Money is not the issue. The issue is that people don't want to work in the rural parts of the State. Even the town that I live in has a hard time recruiting doctors and we are only 20-30 minutes outside of Madison. It is about the fact that they cannot make as much money as they can in Madison or Milwaukee. It is about that in the big cities they can be a specialist and not have to treat every little hangnail. It is about having patients that are earning a good income and have insurance, unlike the rural areas where people are lucky to have a job and medical bills are at least partially covered by the government. No in short it is about greed. It isn't enough to be making 7-10 times what your patients are making in a year. It isn't enough to be earning a salary that allows to be living and working in some of the most beautiful parts of the country. No it is about the greed of not having more.

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