Tuesday, April 20, 2010

President Herbert Hoover

Sunday night on WPBS Wis channel there was a fascinating show about President Hoover. I thought that I was watching recent events, eerily similar. From the banks destroying the economy, to the constant sniping of the new President, to the former Presidents belief that charity will save the day. President Hoover was really the first President that believed that charity could improve the lives of the people. But, he also practiced his mantra in a big way. After watching his story I am convinced that he believed the wealthy would organize to help the new poor. They didn't much like today, instead much of their wealth was derived by essentially ripping off these very people, much like today.

Much of the program focused on Hoover as Secretary of Commerce. Where today you would call him a liberal. All in all a very interesting program about a President that is not covered much in history but probably should be given that the depression started under his administration so maybe it is a good thing that Texas has rewritten their history standards.

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