Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oil leak in the Gulf

Hey TEA party Patriots where are you on the oil leak?

I think that it is about time that companies take responsibility for the manufacture and distribution as well as the sales of their products. These companies when complaining about taxes say that they are the engine of the country and as such do not derive anything from the government. But yet they want roads built, they want the government to condemn property so that they can build a factory, mine, oil well,…they want taxpayer money to build the factories, mines, oil wells,… they want government to clean up their mess. It would be one thing if BP and the rest of the oil companies put money into a fund for the inevitable cleanup, but they don't. I find this whole thing incredibly ironic. When you have industry and an estimated 30% of the population screaming about socialism you have a company that caused the largest ecological disaster in recent times asking for the evil government to help. Isn't that by its very nature SOCIALISM!. They have the money to go on the open market and buy the resources to clean this mess up and if they don't their share holders should have to cover the cost. We keep hearing that we're entitled to our money because we took the risk, what risk, having your uncle step in and clean up your mess.

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