Friday, April 9, 2010

Edgewater Hotel

In a supreme test of irony the conservatives are up in arms that Mayor Dave won't drop the hotel project. These are the same people who accuse the Mayor of being anti business and the guy who didn't throw enough money at Famous Footwear. Of course these people don't want their taxes to go up or be used to lure business which brings us to the Edgewater. The Mayor has gone big to get the hotel to do an expansion. He cites job creation and all of the other Republican talking points but yet they are opposed. My guess is that if the Mayor was a Republican they wouldn't be able to sign on fast enough.

The party of NO has become a detriment to this country. We can't have civil discussions about policy even when those policies are ones that they have historically favored (as recently as last year). Good luck to them on winning elections, even better luck governing.

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