Friday, June 11, 2010

What does the teaparty stand for?

The Wisconsin State Journal just concluded a series on how public employees get paid overtime and how it costs a lot money. Implying that this is an extra benefit that is unavailable in the private sector. True for salaried employees but not true for hourly. It was an interesting series particularily since they focused on the bus drivers while totally ignoring the police who actually got paid more in overtime. Yes, it was a series to get the tea party patriots upset that the bus drivers are overpaid and that no one takes the bus anyway and they should all be fired....

So, I'm at work while this series is running and someone wants to use one of next year's furloughs this year yet because they want to bank vacation so that they can get a week paid at the end of the year. I just looked at this individual and asked haven't you been reading the paper. They said yes but were unable to see the connection to what they were hoping to do (cashing out vacation) and the city employees getting beat up for cashing out vacation. So, next I asked aren't you a tea party member? Yes, came the answer, I look out for myself. I had an epiphany, the tea party is not about a message its about getting yours whether you deserve it or not. It is not about fairness, its about screwing the system to your advantage. This explains how you get people to protest the government that they are dependent on. How you can people to go to bat for corporations who then turn around and screw the same people. Now I know.

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