Thursday, June 3, 2010

Michele Bachmann is schizophrenic!

The latest from the Queen of the Tea Party is that the Obama Administration should have taken ships to use in the Gulf. WHAT!!!! Wouldn't this be a big government takeover? Doesn't this go against everything that she stands for? She is saying that President Obama should have stepped in and told a private company how to manage what is essentially their problem. She goes further saying that the government should have confiscated private property for public use. I wonder how she will spin this so that Tea party nation thinks that she is still for smaller less intrusive government.

Once again you have a misguided partisan attack on President Obama. From my point of view this is BP's responsibility. But, there are things that I would like to see the Federal Government do. The first is to cancel BP's leases in this country and take away their management of the Alaska oil pipeline and port operations. I would also like to see the President invite BP's competitors in to salvage the oil and quite possibly try to cap that well. I look at the oil floating in the gulf as fair game, kind of like a ship wreck. I would also have liked the President to outlaw the use of dispersants. What they are doing is creating an even more toxic mess and possibly killing off more sea life. Instead since we want to federalize oil spills/ leaks is for the Government to purchase Kevin Costner's oil separator devices for use on all spills. I also want to see an end to all waivers in the permiting process, and for the government to cancel the recently approved wells until we can get the regulatory process reformed.

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