Thursday, June 3, 2010


The cover story in Madison's Isthmus paper is titled Got Migrants and is about dairy farms hiring undocumented workers. Say it ain't so. The great American, generally conservative, dairy farmer hiring workers that are illegal residents. Isn't there something a little ironic about this? The article does point out what I have been saying all along, the vast majority of illegals HAVE JOBS! The article contends that if they were deported the dairy industry would collapse. If it is a problem of this magnitude in Wisconsin, think of the problem in Arizona (where the majority want to deport) where they grow more labor intensive crops. Also, when I have been in Arizona the construction workers are majority Hispanic as are the hotel employees. You would think that with the unemployment rate what it is these employers wouldn't have to resort to hiring illegal immigrants. The problem is that us Americans find these jobs to be beneath us. I believe that if you are unemployed or if you don't have any skills no job is beneath you.

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