Sunday, June 6, 2010

Deposit $20 in my mailbox

I was riding my bike today and came upon a sign that said: "deposit $20 in my mailbox if you agree with Obama's re-distribution of wealth". Clearly this was an individual who most would call rich, probably at least a $1 million dollar home. To be clear I'm not for re-distributing wealth forcibly and it would appear that the President isn't either. What I am for is reforming a system that rewards Mr. $20 dollars with tax breaks and tax incentives that most of us can only dream about in the interest of job creation. How's that working out? Currently we have unemployment hovering around 10% and the wealthy 1% have not suffered. They also have not created jobs or in most cases preserved jobs. We are told that if we just cut their taxes more they will be able to provide more jobs. I for one don't buy it. The expansion of US companies is occurring in China, India, Mexico, and other 3rd world countries. The jobs being created here are in the service, retail, and restaurant sector at minimum wage. Most of the owners of those companies are not in the top 1% and they did get a tax cut.

So, no I won't give you $20 dollars until you list how many jobs you have created and what those salaries are. Come on be public about it!

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