Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Obamacare at the Court

I was listening to a story about the Supreme Court case against Obamacare when a Congresswoman mentioned that the person who brought the case before the court has since gone bankrupt because of medical bills. So this person who was adamant that she shouldn't have to buy insurance because it was her right to go without has by virtue of going bankrupt left it to the rest of us to pay her bills. Here is a woman who is going bankrupt by choice (she could have bought insurance. There is no way that she should be able to walk away from these bills. Talk about an entitlement mentality. This is the biggest problem with overturning the law, what do you do with the people who refuse to buy insurance (don't want it) as opposed to those who want insurance but can't afford it? I say that if they can't pay, we shouldn't either. If Obamacare goes down in flames I hope that Congress will repeal the Reagan law requiring that hospitals treat people even if they have no ability to pay and dis-allow medical bankruptcy. If you go broke paying for medical bills you should have to set up a payment plan so that I am not left covering your irresponsible behaviour.

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