Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gogebic Mining ... quits WI

Unbelievable, Gogebic Mining couldn't get a rewrite of the mine permitting process so they quit the State. Really, there are so many issues here.

1. Nearly everyone concedes that had Gogebic Mining filed for a permit in January 2011 they would have been granted a permit by now.
2. The claim is that the mine is worth $1.5 billion. Does anyone really believe that if a company could make $1.5 billion that they would walk away from a deal because they don't like the process?
3. The Fitzgeralds say they are through trying to compromise on the bill. The truth here is that when a compromise was in the works one brother dissolved the committee and the other brother said that he wouldn't bring the compromise to the floor.

No this whole thing is all a bunch of theater. I would however like to be at the meeting where the President of Gogebic explains how he left Wisconsin and $1.5 billion behind.

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