Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bad Citizens

Bad citizens, that would be how to describe the Madison Memorial boys basketball team. Okay that might be a little strong it was only 3 starting players who were charged with theft. What I object most to is the school's handling of the players. They should have gotten season ending suspensions along with suspension from spring sports until the criminal case is resolved. What they got was a 1 game suspension based on the ruling of a 4 coach panel comprised of coaches from out of season sports.

What is even more appalling is the apparent lack of reaction from the press and the people of the city. The State Journal went so far as to interview on of these boys after Memorial lost it's state tournament game. This somewhat condones the criminal activity. Then they have only published one letter (and it is from outside the area) about the incident. Either they are not publishing letters on this topic or they are providing cover for these boys.

The one letter wondered how they will manage when they are scholarship athletes in the real world. I think that one just has to look at the players from Marquette who were caught underage drinking to see that athletic justice is different. What the writer should have asked is how will they survive when they are poor and out of college.

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