Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reagan Was Right?

That is what the bumper sticker on the Suburban in front of me said, Reagan was Right. About what? Raising the debt limit multiple times? Getting into an arms race with the Soviet Union helping to cause them to collapse and leaving us with $2 trillion in debt? Getting involved in a war in the Middle East where we trained and supported a certain Osama Bin Laden? Helping to destabilize Pakistan? Pursuing a war on drugs that has led to the destabilization of Columbia, Bolivia, Peru, and Mexico? Funding the overthrow of the government of Nicaragua? Deregulating the banks which led to the banking collapse of 2008? Deregulating the airlines which was supposed to bring increased competition and lower airfares? Last time I checked there were less airlines. Deregulating the telecommunication industry? Again less competition and more costly. No Reagan's legacy is one of instituting what should be apparent to everyone as failed economic policies. Of instituting a foreign policy predicated on war and aiding people who you wouldn't want to meet on the street let alone put in charge of a country. He will also be remembered for pursuing an insane war on drugs that has cost more lives than the drugs themselves. He will also be remembered for spending into oblivion much of it off budget (debt),

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