Friday, July 22, 2011

Creationism at the Fair

I just saw that there is a woman who has purchased space to espouse creationism/ intelligent design. What! The Wisconsin State Journal ran a story on this and one man was quoted as saying that it should be allowed since she isn't pushing her beliefs on anyone. Except that she is propagandizing thousands of people with a belief that is totally wrong. We know that this technique works, why is it ok to be promoting an idea that is wrong?

This is the problem with liberals. We can't offend this person and she isn't really hurting anyone. That is just crap! She is influencing and at some point there will be critical mass in liberal Madison to change the education system to be one that includes intelligent design and people will wonder how this happened. It happened because people weren't paying attention and weren't willing to offend people who seem so nice. This is how propaganda works. Get people who ordinarily wouldn't believe something to believe that it is true.

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