Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stop Obama?

So, I was out riding my bike this weekend and spotted a sign that said stop Obama. I thought about this for a while and then wondered what they were talking about. Lets go through the issues:

1. Warrantless wire taps, we still have them.
2. The war in Iraq, still going strong.
3. The war on drugs. Obama's drug czar said that the war has not reached its desired outcome in the last 40 years, but we can't quit now.
4. TARP which wasn't his idea has allowed the banks to buy other banks.
5. The stimulus, which candidate McCain also supported. Senator McCain did not support the stimulus.
6. Rendition, still have it.
7. Buying GM, again had broad support until after the vote.
When he has pursued a more progressive policy it has been disastrous with the industry essentially write the legislation, just like Bush.

I see what needs to be stopped but I doubt that the person who had the sign would agree with me. I think that he needs to stopped from enacting the agenda of the corporations.

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