Sunday, May 23, 2010

Representative Nass

Madison recently installed a bike box, which, is an area that bike riders can pull ahead of cars at intersections and spread out. Having ridden the city streets of Madison I think that the idea of the bike boxes has merit. Representative Nass, for those of you unfamiliar with him he is one of those small government local control republicans, saw this as an affront to his way of life. As with most things that Madison does it is up to the people who don't live in the city to complain. Rep. Nass throws out his core values to argue that Madison shouldn't be allowed to install bike boxes on city streets. His reason for the opposition is that in today's economy it is simply to expensive an option. So, we want the State to micromanage the city's budget, but when he is in a conservative leaning town he touts local control. I look forward to hearing how this is not the State government taking control from a muncipality.

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