Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rand Paul and the Tea Party

Wow Rand Paul goes on Maddow and calls it a huge mistake. Republicans point out that she is the gotch ya media. Say what you will about Rachel Maddow, you can't say that she is the "gotch ya" media for asking responses to statements that you yourself have made. Sorry Sarah just because Fox won't ask you about your statements and ask intelligent follow-up questions does not mean that they are doing a good job as journalists in the public interest.

Back to Rand Paul and civil rights. He gave an answer that a true libertatrian would give and the fact that people are shocked shows how little they know about libertarian beliefs. It also points out what many see as a flaw in libertarianism, that the individual will always make the right decision and that there is no need for government interference. The problem is that people left on their own committed overt discrimination. This compelled society (government) to step in and say that we have decided that we can't allow it.

This is true on many regulatory issues where business refuses to do what is right. With banks we were told that the banks could self regulate, but greed is a pretty overwhelming virtue. We are now being told that big oil can self regulate, except it seems that one of the big guys is prone to cutting corners and lying to the American people. Rand Paul would agree that these industries shouldn't face regulation, relying instead on the market.

As the tea party (who Rand Paul gave a shout out to in his victory speech) learns more of what a real libertarian (not just some one leans libertarian) believes the more entertaining the reaction will be to watch. No it is not just lower taxes, it is ending social security, medicare, welfare, farm subsidies, ending the wars (for real not the illusion that is going on now), ending the Western water subsidy, ending the Western power subsidy, privatizing roads, privatizing fire protection, selling federal lands (no more grazing rights you have to buy the land), mining and oil would have to buy the land no more leases,...

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