Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Syria Here We Come...

As the war mongers would say it is about time we get into Syria.  Yes, they successfully got the President to agree to a war if the Syrian government uses weapons of mass destruction.  Apparently they have and we are considering options from a missile strike to aircraft bombardment.  No ground forces yet.

My question is can anyone tell me what side we are on and will we be greeted as liberators like in Iraq and Afghanistan?  One thing is really clear, none of the sides like us.  It is also clear to me that given the track record of using drones and guided missiles that we sometimes miss the intended target.  What happens if one of those missiles get hit by anti-aircraft fire and hits an apartment building, school, hospital,...?  Once again I have to congratulate George W. Bush because it was his idea to remake the Middle East utilizing the domino theory.  Look what we have now a bunch of newly democratic countries that have elected Islamists who have been just as oppressive as the governments that they replaced and they still don't like us.  So we are going to get involved in another war in an effort to bring US style democracy to Middle East.  Who knows it might work this time.

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