Monday, August 26, 2013

Citizen Ted

Why is the media totally ignore the Ted Cruz citizenship issue.  Is it that they are scared of being portrayed as partisan because they didn't go after Obama as hard.  Once again lets review Obama was born in America, I know it is hard to believe but Hawaii is in the United States.  Cruz was born in Canada.  Certainly not native born but what about natural.  Don't know but maybe the Roberts court can carve out a ruling for Senator Cruz so that they don't allow Democrats or anchor babies the same opportunity.  But again the real issues are did Ted Cruz vote in an election and is someone with dual citizenship allowed to serve in the Senate.  The first one is a felony, which eliminates ones ability to serve as President. 

For you impeachment as long as they are Democrats fans there is an opening here.  Obama could have had dual citizenship until he was 23 and he probably voted in elections which is of course illegal.

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