Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chris Christie at the Convention

I was listening to Governor Christie last night and something struck me from his personal story.  He was talking about his father who returned from the war got a job and then went to college with the GI bill.  The GI bill is nothing more than a government handout.  In fact there was opposition to the bill on those grounds and also on the ground that it was government sponsored social engineering.  Most of the men coming back from the war would not have gone to college if not for the GI bill.  It is not like the government owed anything to them.  For the most part they were not drafted out of college or headed in that direction anyway.  But, at the end of the war the President decided that we should give them a college education in order to create an educated workforce for the future of the country.  This coupled with President Eisenhower's investment in infrastructure helped to create the boom that became the economic giant of the United States.  It is utter nonsense for the GOP to run around and pretend that there was no assistance from government.

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