Monday, August 27, 2012

Atlas Shrugged the Movie

I'll confess that I never read the book.  I hate to say this to the maker of the movie but I found it to be an indictment of US style capitalism.  You have Reardon as the paramount of individualism running his steel business.  Dagny Taggart is also a big individualist, of course there is no mention of the Government helping the railroads in the early days.  The rest of the business executives are portrayed as scheming with Government in order to gain advantage over their rivals.  Taggart's brother lobbies for a law to essentially wipe out his competition in Colorado.  The other steel producers get Reardon's steel labeled unsafe by the Government.  Others want bits of corporations so they get a law passed disallowing an individual from owning multiple companies.  This would seem to be how big business operates in the US today.  Maybe if we could solve this type of lobbying and the subsequent gifts to big business maybe the small businesses would feel better about Government.

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