Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Teachers Handbooks

Now that the unions have been limited the WI school boards have revised the teacher handbooks which function as work rules. This is all fine and makes sense. Also, as part of the budget repair bill there must be a public hearing on these runs. So in New Berlin they had their public hearing where the anti-education crowd shouted down (remember when they were saying it was the union thugs that shouted down the opposition, hmmm looks like it goes both ways) anyone who questioned these rules. The point of the hearing was to question the rules which like the State budget was going to pass anyway. In this case the hearing was a formality. In other districts the staff and administration came up with the rules in New Berlin the administration came up them and imposed them on the staff. Again this is fine, that is how the private sector works, but the hearing was allowed for and the teachers and parents should have been allowed to express their opposition to a document that the board had no intention of changing. Instead this opposition group had to make a scene which has now draw national attention to their city. I think that it is not very smart to go to war with your employees and youreally don't want to do it publicly. All you have to do is look at the Governor. Everything was going to pass but he had to get national attention which led to protests at the capitol, a demoralized workforce, and massive numbers of retirements.

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