Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gotcha Media

Ever since Sarah Palin coined the phase "gotcha media" when referring to the mainstream media Republicans have been using the phrase as a way to avoid answering certain questions yet they all actively seek opportunities to be on. The latest examples are Newt Gingrich and Christine O'Donnell. Newt bristled at being asked about Libya in such a way that his contradictory statements on the topic were apparent. I think that the fact that he had a definitive opinion before he didn't is significant for someone who wants to be President. Under President Gingrich we would have been bombing, had special forces engaged, and been supplying the rebels only to leave 2 days later (or was the change only because Obama is President). The Christine O'Donnell was asked about statements that she made in the main stream media and now won't comment on. If you want to seek a high office your views are important to the voters. It isn't so much that they are trying to put Republicans on the spot it is that Republicans keep making outlandish statements and holding ridiculous positions. At least Michele Bachmann is willing to answer questions about her statements, granted she does not give the same answer as when she originally made the statements in the first place.

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