Thursday, April 21, 2011

Unbelievable Again

I'm reading the news today and could not believe this item: former Wisconsin Republican Legislator Sheryl Albers is suing the State of Wisconsin for age discrimination. Let me get this straight a member of the political party that advocates the removal of most worker protections (unions had something to do with age discrimination laws) is suing under those same protections. The State's position is that she wasn't hired because the position is supposed to be non-partisan. Gee, do you think that maybe a former Republican in this role would not be thought of as being partisan (kind of like how David Prosser is non-partisan). She also complains that the individual hired has little experience and no college degree. Granted this suit refers to an incident in 2009, but since 2011 many high level positions in government have been filled by people meeting one of both of these charges and it is the Democrats complaining. Talk about a frivolous lawsuit!

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