Monday, April 18, 2011

Tax Protest

April 16th marked the third straight year that the Tea Party has had a tax day protest in Madison. This is fine except where have these people been? I used to attend the Libertarian protest at midnight at the Milwaukee St. Post Office with all of about 20 people when I lived closer to the post office. Where were they when George Bush (both of them), Bill Clinton, or even Ronald Reagan were President? What, you woke up in 2008 realizing that you paid taxes? The tax rate has in fact gone down, explains why the deficit is big. A lot of why the deficit is so big is related to the last President Bush's spending. The wars used to be off budget, they are now on budget. The TARP funds, the bank bailouts. Obama gets credit for bailing out GM (should have made it contingent on getting a new management team) and the stimulus package which has allowed construction projects to move forward.

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