Thursday, February 17, 2011

Protest 2.0

As the protests in Madison began a second day many schools closed because the staff called in "sick".  This is precisely the wrong way to gain support from the people.  Teachers are the most hated of the public employees and closing school the most unpopular protest option.  The reality is that this proposal is playing well with most the population (even union workers) in the State.  Teachers walking off of the job just shows these people that they are right about public employees and that the Governor needs to stick it to them and fire those workers.  The other reality is that this bill is going to pass.  It is going to pass no because of the Governor but because the people of the State (many State workers) not only delivered this Governor to power but also clear Republican majorities to the Assembly and Senate that vote in a solid block. 

For people to have buyers remorse shows how they didn't pay attention in the first place.  There are no surprises with any of these bills.  The party ran on this, the individuals ran on this and the people elected them.

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