Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Auto insurance

The State of Wisconsin had passed a bill in 2009 that went in force in 2010 requiring liability limits for vehicle insurance just like 45 other states.  Some people's insurance went way up.  This was probably because they were under insured.  These people supported people who vowed to repeal this legislation (reduce the minimum, repeal other parts outright) as part of their campaign.  They got elected so now we are going to repeal this.  Personally I already was carrying more than the minimums so I didn't have a problem in fact my insurance went down.  This is going to be a bad bill for consumers but since we are going the route of a non parent government why don't we drop the requirement of auto insurance?  Let those that can afford the right insurance buy it if they want.  To the people who can't afford insurance or who are under insured good luck. 

The Republicans say that they are against trial lawyers have just thrown a bone to the legal profession, unless they make suing illegal.  In that case I'll drop my insurance.

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