Friday, November 5, 2010

That didn't take long

I had been thinking that it would be fun to watch the next 2 years but I had no idea that the fun would start so soon.  In today's Wisconsin State Journal the lead editorial is titled "Get past rail rhetoric to reality".  Among the gems here "We're disappointed that the first people being hired for extra work are local attorneys to dream up legal arguments for stopping the high-speed train from Milwaukee to Madison".  This is the same paper that endorsed candidate Walker.  What????  Governor Walker is doing exactly what he promised, I expect nothing less.  Then you have the new majorities all over the country saying that we can't focus on social issues.  Why not, you have been returned to power to finally do something about the gays and outlaw abortion.  Our own Julaine Appling said as much.

Then we have our new Lt. Governor who is undergoing preventative chemo therapy and still doesn't understand her insurance policy.  Many policies don't cover such treatments, but her policy with its State mandated minimum coverage does in fact cover such preventative care.  It may not be Government run but it sure is government controlled and paid for.

Then we have upset state employees who voted for Walker.  What???  They are griping about contributing to their pension, taking more furlough days, paying more for the aforementioned health care policy and maybe having staff reductions.  What did the Governor campaign on?  All of these things.  As I say if you are working for a private company and you are lucky enough to have a pension and they have a 2 billion dollar short fall you not only won't have a job you'll lose your pension.  Give the short fall the state's workforce has to give something.  You can gripe about how unfair the furloughs are, but guess what you have a job.  To think that I am considered an out of touch liberal.  I would use pragmatic and no I was not one of the surprising number of worker who voted for Walker.

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