Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The American People Have Spoken

What a sweeping victory.  The victors are already leaking the agenda.  Congressman Issa has released the first 4 subpoenas, others are talking about repealing health care reform, others the repeal of the meager financial reforms, and of course the Bush tax cuts.  It'll be a great 2 years.  I do think that the repeal of health care reform is likely.  Many of the remaining Democrats will vote to over ride a veto (they saw what happened to Feingold).  The real question is what to replace it with?  Probably HSAs, works for the wealthy and the healthy.  The rest of us are on our own.  The financial reform was so weak it might as well be reformed.  The Bush tax cuts should instead be made to zero taxes for those earning more than $500,000.  Think of the jobs that will be created if no taxes are paid.  Because, as we all know people take their tax savings and hire people because they can, not because there is demand for their products.  Those of you who disagree, remember the people have spoken and it is your duty to hold the American people to what they voted for.  Hold these republicans to what they campaigned on.  In the past the Republicans have talked a good line, but in the end while controlling Congress, the Presidency, and the Supreme Court they dropped the ball on taxes, education, and abortion.  I want them to pass their agenda, maybe even go a little further.  Lets try it, I don't think it will work, but what the heck.

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