Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Obama destroys America

That is the phrase that I hear over and over from my conservative friends along with the incomparable I want my country back. The problem that I have and ask often about this is what has he done to destroy the country? The answers are always the same, "He's spending money that we don't have" or "He has created positions for people who aren't accountable (weren't elected)" Really, the previous administration transferred by some estimate $4 trillion dollars to financial institutions. At least Obama has put some strings on the new monies. Or how about the fact that President Obama has exactly one additional czar than President Bush and that is the pay czar (who is supposedly looking out for the taxpayer). I'll admit that I'm somewhat skeptical of all of the bailouts and buying companies (Bear Stearns (Bush), GM (Obama)). But, we were all told that the alternative was total collapse. The question is would it have collapsed. We'll never know. One thing is for certain that without the massive infusion of government money the country would look more like the 1930's than the 1970's. If you ask around there are a lot of people who haven't worked in months. In Wisconsin we lost our manufacturing base years ago, we are a State that relies on tourism. Well people are not travelling, not spending when they do, not building second homes when they can't afford the first one. The list goes on. I actually think that Obama has not done enough so I am mystified by the destroy America charge.

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