Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Ah, it's budget time in the Midwest and being that I live outside of Madison it is always interesting. What I find particularly interesting is how during the Madison budget debate the people who complain the loudest don't live in the city. I'm sure that it is the same way everywhere. For some reason people who work in the city feel compelled to say the city is wasting money on this program, city workers make too much money, they are spending on X when they should be building more roads,... Well it's not your money. Obviously the city council feels that this is how they should spend their money. The region feels that they should have input on the city's budget but if the city wants to do something and ask the county for money the attitude is whats in it for us, we don't live there, we won't use it,... Sure we could have a better transportation system to get to Madison and then to move around once we are there. But, I look at it as for the population that lives in the city the system is fine. It is us in the outlying regions who have a problem and then for maybe 4 hours a day. All that I can say is that if you want to worry about the city move there.

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