Thursday, January 7, 2016

How Obama ISN"T responsible for the Divisive Politics

Once again I'm reading how the divisive politics that we currently see is all President Obama's doing.  If only it were that simple.  The author today also tossed in FDR.  Interesting in both cases you had presidents who took over a country whose economy was in shambles and where Congress was controlled by the opposition.  In President Obama's case we know that the leaders of the Republican caucus met on inauguration day to pledge to oppose and obstruct everything that the President wanted to do in order to make him a one term president.  So, the GOP set the stage for divisive politics, but it goes back further.  Who remembers George Bush stating that you are either with us or against us in response to people opposed to the war in Iraq?  Or, Ronald Reagan demonizing anyone who was on public assistance while conveniently not talking about those that receive tax breaks, tax credits, or government loans?  All one has to do is turn on Fox news and listen for the language of divisiveness.  Insurgents against the government are called Patriots if they are carrying guns and are white, whereas people protesting police shootings are called thugs.  Although study after study would show that there is a evidence that they have a point.  The Patriots would appear to be people who think that they are entitled to something.  In this case it is the unrestricted use of Federal land.  Whenever this President issues an executive order it is all about ruling as a King, it is unconstitutional,.... But when Ronald Reagan or  George Bush issued executive orders hardly a peep was heard, although their executive orders expanded the role of the federal government more than Obama has.  At a guess if the next President is a Republican we will not hear a peep when they do the same types of things as President Obama has.  There might be something said when they repeal the ACA but look at the new Governor of Kentucky who is going to replace their version of the ACA with essentially the same plan.  Way to go Kentucky!

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