Friday, June 28, 2013

Can't Someone in the Governor's Office Read a Graph

The local paper ran a graph on job growth over the past 2 years.  Of course our Governor touted the increase and there is one, but the Governor went on to say that it shows that we are on the right track.  I looked at the graph and came away with a totally different assessment.  First the graph finishes with a decline.  This decline is part of the normal cycle, except that it appears to be steeper that the past declines shown.  Second we divert from the national line for the first time in the 2 year time period shown.  The national job growth of the Obama economy is outstripping Scott Walker's open for business economy.  Conservatives love to point out how Obama tanked the economy.  I want to know what they are saying about the Wisconsin economy under the Republicans?

The other thing that is not discussed is just how much are these new jobs paying?  I don't see many high paying jobs being advertised.  Mississippi and Alabama here we come.  Our politicians already have co-opted their laws we might as well have their economy.

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