Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's About Time

I just read that the Mayor of Chicago is punishing the Chicago Cubs for a position that their ownership has taken.  I say that it is about time.  In the wake of Citizen's United where unlimited political spending is allowed, although the contributors are shielded most of the time because of worries that if known they will be in some way punished, it seems reasonable that the Government should hold them to their statements.  Here you have people who are so against the Government that they are spending $10 million dollars to help defeat the President and his "socialist" agenda, while asking the Government to fund your expansion of one of your businesses.  They see a problem with the Mayor taking a stand, I say that the Mayor is holding them to their belief of less Government and less "socialism".  Asking for a handout from the Government to fund your business is Socialism and it is about time that these business leaders realize that.

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