Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Other 98%

There was a letter in today's Wisconsin State Journal about the other 98% who work hard and play by the rules. The letter writer clearly believes in the promise of America the problem is that if he paid attention reality would intrude. Over the last 4 years the other 98% have seen wages stagnate or decline. Over the last 4 years the other 98% have seen benefits (health care and pensions, retirement) decline, cost more, or be eliminated. Over the last 4 years the other 98% have watched as the wealthiest 1% have seen their salaries continue to rise to a point where the gap between the richest 2% and the other 98% is greater than at any time in US history. The letter writer talks about the occupy protesters as buying into the President's class envy and class warfare. Unfortunately, this is not class envy this is reality.

He also mentions accountability in regards to people who made poor spending decisions and he's right. But, no discussion of accountability can be complete without discussing the people who cooked up the derivatives, sold worthless paper, and deceived the other 98% into spending their hard earned money on worthless investments. Where is the accountability ever mentioned for those people? No they were able to walk away and save their companies with another $7 trillion dollars from the very people that they already robbed.

Where is the accountability for the corporation that moves all of their manufacturing overseas eliminating thousands of jobs here?

There is class warfare happening and the other 98% have already lost.

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