Friday, November 25, 2011

UC Davis Chancellor

The Chancellor at UC-Davis appears before students and states that she is shocked and appalled at the actions of police during the protests. Sounds reasonable, but then it comes out that she wanted the police to remove the protestors. Now her story has changed to be well I did mean to use force. You can't green light the police and then be shocked when the police use force to accomplish their task. If she didn't want the police to escalate to the use of force she should have instructed the police to not interfere and let the protest happen. Instead she wanted it ended, the police used excessive force, the film went viral, and the protest is now bigger than it was originally.

At the very least the chancellor should resign. At the worst the board of reagents should fire her. The chief of police should resign or be fired. There was never going to be a peaceful resolution, just look at how the police were armed

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