Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some Things That I Would Ask

You have 8-10 people running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States and they have been having a lot of debates but there are a few questions that should be asked but aren't. I have compiled a list:

1. You often talk of restoring the Constitution. Can you explain why some parts in your mind are open to interpretation and others are fixed? For example what exactly do you think that article 1 section 8 means by the role of the federal government is to promote the general welfare of the people?
2. It is often been stated that you are running to take the country back. From what or to where, can you explain?
3. Do you favor a repeal of the minimum wage?
4. You talk about smaller government but yet you are strong defense advocate, shouldn't defense have to shrink proportional to the rest of government?
5. If you are really for getting government out of people's lives why are you pro-life?
6. Will you renounce all nanny state laws as President including the war on drugs?

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