Monday, June 13, 2011

Bike License Plates

A recent letter in the State Journal suggested that bikes be licensed so their traffic violations can be called into the police by the law abiding (this being Madison if you are in a car when the light turns red that means 3 more can go) car driving public. This is a great idea and I think that we have enough people in the Legislature who would support such a measure that we could get it done. The bike riding community should also be for such a measure. They should support it because overnight they would become in terms of numbers the largest users of the road system in the state as document through the sale of licenses. I would think that fact should entitle the bikes as the largest user group of the road system more say in how transportation funds are spent. It should also entitle them to a little more law enforcement on the law abiding drivers who have declared open season on cyclists, through their intimidating driving actions and hit and run accidents. There continues to be riders getting hit and very little if any charges filed.

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