Monday, March 7, 2011

The Pending War in Libya

I was having a discussion about going to war in Libya, before tonight's news broke, with a liberal.  His belief was that we should not only do the no fly zone but also take out ground targets.  I had to remind him that killing people was an act of war and that the rebels are only unified because of a common enemy.  When they win we would have Afghanistan.  So, I said we should stay out.  He asked what I thought would happen.  I said that we would get a toe hold in the country through supplying humanitarian aid delivered by the US military.  Then the mission will creep forward until we are at war in the country.

I was on my way home and they announced that President Obama had pledged $15 million in humanitarian aid.  We'll have to watch how this unfolds.

If you are for intervention you should be pushing for the neighboring countries to do it without our help.

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